About Wil!

Wil! was established in 2022 out of a search for creative freedom and artistic expression by founder Will Lewis. Will is currently studying a bachelor in psychology whilst continuing to draw and develop new ideas for the brand each day. It is his dream to make this endeavor into a full time career.


Based in Perth, Australia, Wil! centres on creating in-house graphics and products, that are made to last. Drawing inspirations from life's daily occurrences, pop culture and animation.


The headline character "Williby" came about when Will was playing around with the idea of an edgy, recognisable and fresh character design. Similar to the likes of Mickey Mouse, KAWS and Felix the Cat. We also currently plan to bring different character designs to Wil! in the near future.



Wil! designs with natural fibres (cotton/linen/wool) rather than fibres derived from petrochemicals.


All of our suppliers are local and prohibit unethical practices.